How do I uninstall and reinstall Kodi?

Kodi is renowned for being a free and open-source software application that works as a media player. It is made available to several operating systems as well as hardware platforms. It has a 10-foot user interface software built-in that lets you use it on televisions and remote controls. The idea was to give out the love they had for the media. But, of course, Kodi too, has some issues that might require you to uninstall and reinstall Kodi.

uninstall and reinstall Kodi

Its virtual existence is backed by questions and issues, answers, tips, and guides from people around the world. As it supports a lot of operating systems, you might encounter difficulties on different levels with different steps of resolutions. It might be similar but with slight differences. This read is a brief guide to what resolution steps you might have to follow if and when you feel the need to uninstall and reinstall Kodi.

Let Kodi uninstall Build

The Kodi Build lets you install all the applications you need to set up and enhance your Kodi experience which can be done with just one click. These customizations include add-ons, settings, skins, and a lot more. But despite this, you may have to uninstall and reinstall Kodi, and that includes uninstalling the Kodi Build to overcome the current issues and start fresh. Let’s see how you can uninstall the current Kodi Build to restore the original one:

  1. Download “Fusion Repo” which lets you install multiple add-ons.
  2. Then go to “System”> “Settings”> “Add-ons”> “Install”.
  3. Hit “Start-Here”> Select “”.
  4. Go back to the Home Screen> “Program”> “Add-ons”> “Fresh Start”.
  5. Hit on “OK”> Select the “Restart” option to reboot Kodi.


  • Downloading Fusion Repo doesn’t take much time.
  • Fusion Repo is the best way to uninstall and reinstall Kodi.
  • When Kodi reboots, it’ll go back to the Default Factory Settings.

Uninstall Kodi on Windows 10

According to a lot of users, it has been extremely difficult to uninstall and reinstall Kodi on the Windows 10 operating system. Let’s look at the most commonly used method:

  1. Ensure being in the “Administrator Account”.
  2. Keep a backup of the data you want to save.
  3. Go to “Start” and get into the “Control Panel” (search for it).
  4. Get into the “Uninstall a Program” option after going to “View as Category”.
  5. Click on the “Apps” option to get the list of installed programs.
  6. Choose Kodi (in Settings or Control Panel)> “Uninstall” it.
  7. Choose Remove (when prompted)> Hit “Next”.
  8. Choose “Yes” for “Do you want to completely remove Kodi for Windows?”
  9. Click on the “Finish” option.
  10. Restart your computer> Reinstall Kodi> Check if the errors are gone and enjoy.

Note: You can also open Settings on step 3.

Uninstall Kodi Android and iPhone

Mobile phone applications make everything easier. Therefore, it would be a cakewalk to uninstall and reinstall Kodi on Android and iPhone.


  1. Go to the phone’s “Settings”.
  2. Get into the “Apps” option.
  3. Locate and choose Kodi.
  4. Tap on “Uninstall” and then on “Confirm”.

iPhone (for jailbroken devices with Cydia)

  1. Open the “Cydia” Application.
  2. Choose the “Installed” option.
  3. Locate Kodi in the list and tap on it.
  4. Go to “Modify”> Select “Remove”.
  5. Hit “Confirm” and wait for it to get removed.

How to completely uninstall Kodi on Mac?

This is no surprise that Kodi, known to be the “Ultimate Entertainment Centre”, can be used to view music and video content on multiple operating systems including OSX. But, what so ever be the reason, it has been noted that users have been bothered a lot to uninstall and reinstall Kodi. Let’s look at the steps:

  1. Ensure that the program is inactive at the time of uninstallation.
  2. Go to “Finder”> Locate and tap on “Application”> Tap on “Kodi”.
  3. Hold and drag the Kodi icon to the trash box.
  4. With a right-click, empty the Trash.
  5. Choose “Go” from the top menu> Go to folder.
  6. Type in “~/library/”> Press the Return Key.
  7. Get in to the “Application” folder> Caches> Receipts> Preferences.
  8. Delete all files that have Kodi’s name on them.


Kodi is renowned for being the one-stop ultimate entertainment center. It lets you stream music, videos, podcasts, and anything you prefer from the internet. It goes well with a vast range of operating systems. But sometimes, you might need to uninstall and reinstall Kodi, to start fresh with better streaming and viewing experience. All of the resolution steps will enhance your experience- Enjoy!

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