Privacy Policy

In our privacy policy, you will get the ways through which use your personal information provided by you. The information can be easily modified at any time even without prior notice to you. Here, we are committed to respect and recognize your right to maintain confidentiality and to protect and safeguard the privacy of those who are visiting our website. It is explained that under any situation, will not provide, sell, a loan or rent your information to the third party. Also, it is notable that the information is collected from the users at certain points, with a viewpoint of keeping the complexity of the situation in mind.

Personal Details: In order to seek the support from our experts, you initially need to fill up a registration form providing your valuable details. And the personal details are collected to inform you about the notifications related to the renewal/re-registration of our services and about the special offers.

Payment Details:
At, we are bound to collect the information related to credit/debit cards and other related payment information that are essential in order to complete a successful payment procedure with providing the support.

Computer System Information:
It is our responsibility to provide you full assistance but we also need to enquire about certain details of your computing system such as model number, Operating system, and other valuable information if required. This information is usually required for offering customized, apt, and personalized technical support to the users.

Remote Access:
At a certain point in time, we need to get access to your computing system if the problem is complex in nature. Also, make sure that we will not use any tools to get the remote access for collecting any financial, sensitive or confidential information that is stored on your computer or network, intentionally or unintentionally.

Information Security: All the information of our valuable customers that are collected by us is kept protected and secure and it is only accessible by the authorized employees. Our website uses all the types of preventive measures in order to protect the information. Whenever the user submits some sensitive information using our website then it is our responsibility to protect their related information. Hence, valuable information such as credit card/ debit card number is encrypted using the effective encryption software.

Cookies: The cookies visible on are not at all linked with any personally identifiable information while you are accessing our sites. Also, the website doesn’t breach the privacy of the customers.