Revo Uninstaller

Sometimes, the programs and files present on our system become hard to remove or uninstall. In this situation, you might need to use an uninstaller and one the best uninstallers available in the market is Revo uninstaller. It helps you in removing any unwanted program from your PC. Along with removing unwanted programs or software, it also helps in the removal of the files that are associated with it such as registry entries that are left behind the manually uninstall function.

Revo uninstaller

What is the Revo Uninstaller Pro key?

Revo uninstaller or Revo uninstaller pro are similar tools that help in the removal of unnecessary software on your PC that you cannot uninstall from “Windows Add or Remove Programs” or “Programs and Features” control panel functions. Along with this, it completely deletes all the traces of junk files or leftover files that remain on your PC after the removal of any file. By downloading this application, you can make sure that your system remains cleaner and the corrupt files do not become a hindrance in your work. The tool is simple to use and can be used on devices running on the Windows operating system. Revo uninstaller pro is one of the latest versions of the software and has major differences in its interface as compared to its older versions. To use this tool, you need to download it and activate it on your device with the help of the Revo uninstaller pro key.

Powerful features and tools in Revo uninstaller

  • AutoRun Manager- it restricts programs from running and opening automatically whenever you start your Windows device. Along with this, it boosts up the loading speed of Windows.
  • Windows Tools Manager- it includes various handy and useful tools that can be used on various versions of Windows and is loaded with useful options.
  • Junk Files Cleaner- it helps a user to find and delete unwanted files from his PC. This allows him to free up the disk space of your system.
  • Browsers History Cleaner- it lets you erase web browser history, visited pages history and temporary internet files.
  • Office History Cleaner- with this you can easily remove the history of most recently used files in MS Office.
  • Windows History Cleaner- by using this tool, you can easily remove the history of recently opened files, delete temporary files, remove usage tracks and other history items.
  • Unrecoverable Delete Tool- it allows you to get rid of the files and folders forever.
  • Evidence Remover- this makes sure that files that you have already deleted cannot be recovered by anybody else.

What is Revo uninstaller portable?

Revo Uninstaller Portable is another application that you can use without installing it on your Windows 10 device. You can use it by running it from a cloud folder, external drive, or local folder. It is easy to use and has a simple user interface.

IObit uninstaller VS Revo uninstaller

When we start to compare these two tools, we find out so many differences between the two. By reading this section, you will get to know that which among the two is better than the other. Speaking about IObit uninstaller, you need to install it on your Windows devices including Windows 10. On the other hand, you do not need to install Revo uninstaller to start using it as you can use its portable version also. But there is a point of similarity between the two that you can use them on your Windows device. A number of 118 installed programs are recognized by IObit and 84 by Revo.

Unfortunately, you cannot use the free version of Revo uninstaller on a 64-bit system and limits program functionality on such systems. IObit can find fewer registry items as compared to Revo uninstaller and Revo is the only program that lists leftover files in a local directory. In conclusion, we can say that Revo does its work more thoroughly than the others but the only feature where it lacks is in its compatibility with 64-bit systems. Unfortunately, you cannot use Revo uninstaller on Mac or Android devices. For Android and Mac devices, you can use other uninstallers specifically designed for these two operating systems. You are suggested to first read and review the tool and then download it on to your device.

Frequently Asked Questions-

  1. How good is Revo Uninstaller?

Revo uninstaller is a good alternative to remove stubborn files from a PC. This tool offers various in-built functionalities including safe scanning of the registry files, scanning of the leftover files, and advanced or thorough scanning of your system.

  1. Does Revo Uninstaller work with Windows 10?

Revo uninstaller works well with the older versions of Windows but you can use it uninstall apps and programs from your Windows 10 device as well. Revo uninstaller doesn’t work on Mac or Android devices so you have to install another uninstaller for them.

  1. What is Hunter mode in Revo Uninstaller?

Using the Hunter mode in Revo uninstaller, you can easily uninstall, stop or delete the items with a single click. As it is a very innovative and flexible feature, you can delete the files just by aiming towards its icon be it on the desktop, toolbar, system tray or in any other location.

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